URGENT Special Pays Update – Possible Overpayment in 15 DEC Pay

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BUMED Special Pays office has identified some Medical Corps and Dental Corps officers who will see a big increase in their 15 Dec 2017 paycheck, that is an overpayment of Incentive Pay (IP). DFAS has been contacted and is performing audits of records to determine who may have been overpaid, and how much. Once they are identified, DFAS will be inputting debts in those member’s accounts who have been overpaid.

Over the past couple of weeks, DFAS has tried to get caught up with the back log of special pays by processing what is called MASS TRANSACTIONS. However, in processing the MASS TRANSACTIONS, DFAS used the full annual IP
rate in determining the monthly amounts of IP to be paid vice the adjusted annual IP amount for those who received an ASP or ISP under the Legacy Special Pays where those pays crossed the start date of the new IP. This will mostly impact MC, but there may be some DC officers particularly OMFS who receive ISP, and those DC officers who entered an IP prior to the expiration of their ASP agreement.

DFAS and BUMED Special Pays office are working to try and audit all the records that may have been impacted, but it is going to take time to complete. In the meantime, the EOY tax cutoff is next week, which means any
records not completed, or the overpayment not repaid by then may have an impact on their 2017 taxes, which may require a Corrected W2 to have to be prepared. BUMED Special Pays office has inquired with DFAS how this is all
going to be corrected, and requested a time line, which they are still awaiting a response.

BUMED Special Pays office is asking that anyone who believes their 15 Dec 2017 paycheck may have an overpayment, to contact their command special pays office, or email BUMED Special Pays office (usn.ncr.bumedfchva.mbx.specialpays-bumed < at > mail.mil), so they can review the member’s record and notify DFAS if the member is overpaid, in order to get it completed hopefully in time for the 2017 tax year.

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