2018 USMC Executive Positions

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Here are the billets opening in Summer 2018 in Executive Marine Corps Health Services Support. Rank requirements for the billets are indicated. For all billets, previous Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) experience, including Fleet Marine Force Warfare Officer (FMFWO) designation, is highly preferred but not required. Every one of these billets entails executive medicine leadership supervising the healthcare for 20K or more Marines and Sailors:

  • O­6 (post-­command)
    • Deputy TMO
  •  O­6
    • I, II and III** MEF Surgeons
    • 1st and 3D** MARDIV Surgeons
  • O­5 or O6
    • 1st** and 3D MAW Surgeons
      • Flight Surgeon AQD a requirement
      • Residency in Aerospace Medicine even better but not required
  • O5
    • 1st and 2D MLG Surgeons

**III MEF, 3D MARDIV and 1st MAW are located on Okinawa.

Any interested parties need to send a current Bio and CV to CAPT Vincent L DeCicco, Deputy Medical Officer of the Marine Corps & Fleet Marine Force Specialty Leader. Applicants should list the preferred billet(s) they are applying for but remain flexible to accept alternatives – ­­not everyone can serve in SoCal. The formal slating process begins in Oct though final results require Surgeon General approval comes out after the CO/XO/OIC slate is released.

2 thoughts on “2018 USMC Executive Positions

    Tony Blain said:
    August 13, 2017 at 10:53

    Sir, Can I call you to ask a few questions? I might be interested V/R, CDR Blain


      Joel Schofer, MD, MBA, CPE responded:
      August 13, 2017 at 16:11

      You should probably call CAPT Vincent L DeCicco, who is referenced in the message. He’s the POC. I’m just a guy with a blog…


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