Family Medicine/Operational Detailer Position Available Now – Millington, TN – O4-O6

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As a recovering Detailer, I strongly encourage anyone looking to promote to O6 consider this position.  Here is the announcement:

Family Practice and Operational Detailer position available now! Seeking LCDRs, CDRs, or CAPTs eligible to move in the summer of 2017. All specialties eligible.

  1. Career Enhancing: ever heard of a detailer that did not make CAPT? We haven’t. This is a high-visibility job that will give you career diversification.
  2. Make a difference: as a detailer assigning positions and providing career counseling, you have the opportunity to positively affect member’s lives and change policy at a high level.
  3. Take a break. Ever thought about life without call or weekend shifts? Remember those things called “3 day weekends” you had back in elementary school?
  4. Stay clinical. All 3 physician detailers stay clinically active.
  5. Memphis! Living in Memphis, the home of the blues, the birthplace of Rock n Roll, and the biggest city in Tennessee, is a blast. Urban offerings (museums, restaurants, night-life, zoo), history (Civil War, Music), outdoor activities (running, hiking, camping, road-biking, canoeing, etc.), and food options (BBQ, Jack Daniels whiskey) abound. Check out this website:
  6. Kids? Live cheaply in a gorgeous neighborhood with one of the best school districts in Tennessee. ( (
  7. Single? Exciting downtown Memphis is only 20 minutes away from Navy Personnel Command.
  8. Spouse? The job market is excellent for spouses in Memphis Tennessee.

If interested, the POC is listed in this Detailing Position Announcement.

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