Director of Surgical Services, Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune – O5/O6

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The Commanding Officer, Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune, is seeking applicants for the position of Director of Surgical Services. The successful candidate will be a senior O-5 or O-6 in the Medical Corps, Nurse Corps, or Medical Service Corps. He or she will be an articulate, intelligent and team-oriented individual with MTF leadership experience ready to lead the Directorate and serve on the Board of Directors by 15 June 2017. The position requires a visionary who is skilled at the balance of keeping the directorate aligned with the Commanding Officer’s guidance while simultaneously managing civilian, contract and active duty personnel, multiple surgical departments, the main operating room, sterile processing department, a robust obstetric service, several training programs, while sustaining national accreditation and certifications.

The Director of Surgical Services is a full time position. However, there is opportunity and it is strongly encouraged to continue using one’s clinical skill set on a part-time basis.

The Directorate leadership consists of the Director, the Deputy Director, a junior officer Business Manager, and a Senior Enlisted Leader.

The position is open to officers of all Corps at the O-5/O-6 level. Individuals not already resident in the Camp Lejeune area will need to be available for a May or June 2017 PCS move, in anticipation of a full three year assignment.

The preferred candidate will have the following attributes:

  1. A track record of proven performance in MTF and operational leadership positions, including military, civilian, and contract oversight
  2. Significant organizational, interpersonal, communicative, and collaborative skills
  3. Proven record in program oversight and management, including fiscal stewardship and accountability
  4. Superior military bearing.

Candidates should be available for interviews (in person or VTC) in mid April 2016. Interested candidates should check this position description for instructions to be considered:

Director of Surgical Services Vacancy NHCL 2017

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