NAVADMIN – Applications for 2018 Navy Legislative Fellowship – O3-O5

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RMKS/1. This NAVADMIN solicits applications for the 2018 Navy Legislative
Fellows Program. The Legislative Fellows Program allows naval officers,
senior enlisted and Department of the Navy civilians to broaden their
understanding of the legislative process and the operation of the U.S.
Congress through a year-long full-time assignment to the office of a member
of the House of Representatives or the Senate. The Legislative Fellows
Program also enhances the ability of the Navy to fulfill its role in the
national policy development process.

2. This is a highly competitive program. Records must reflect sustained
superior performance and potential for future assignments in critical
billets. Upon completion of the program, officers earn an additional
legislative qualification designator. Additionally, there is an opportunity
to earn a legislative studies certificate through a sponsoring agency.

3. Military Applicants. Participation is open to all active-duty and Full-
Time Support unrestricted line officers, restricted line officers, and staff
corps officers in the permanent grades of O-3 through O-5. Enlisted
participation is open to all Navy occupational specialty codes in the
permanent grades of E-7 through E-9. The selection process will focus on
individual performance, promotion potential, academic and subspecialty
qualifications, needs of the Navy, and availability for follow-on assignment.
Officers with permanent change of station orders already issued will not be
a. Applications must be available for permanent change of station
assignment to Washington, DC, from November 2017 through December 2018.
During the fellowship, officers and senior enlisted Sailors will be assigned
to the Office of Legislative Affairs for administrative purposes. Upon
execution of orders, fellows agree to serve for three years following
completion or termination of the fellowship. A follow-on utilization tour in
legislative affairs is preferred (making career timing an important
consideration), but depends on community-specific billet requirements, needed
officer progression, and availability of legislative assignments. All
officer applicants must contact their detailers for counseling on the career
impact of participation in the Legislative Fellowship Program.
b. Submit applications via e-mail to the Office of Legislative Affairs
point of contact no later than 31 March 2017. Program information and
submission guidance are available on the Navy Legislative Affairs website at
c. Points of contact are LCDR Nicole Williams, Navy Fellows Program
Manager at (703) 697-2885/DSN 227 or via e-mail at
nicole.williams3(at) and LCDR Ian Lopez, Graduate Education
Placement, PERS-440, at (901) 874-4056/DSN 882 or via e-mail at

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