2017 BAH Up an Average of 2.4%, BAS Unchanged

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Here is my summary of an article from the Military Officers Association of America about 2017 allowances:

  • Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) will climb an average of 2.4 percent Jan. 1, or about $41 a month.
  • Actual increases for individual BAH recipients will vary by Military Housing Area, pay grade, and dependency status.  You can look up your BAH at this link.
  • For a third straight year, BAH adjustments will not quite keep pace with the average rise in rent and utility costs, as the Department of Defense sticks to a five-year plan to trim the cost of stateside housing allowances gradually.  The dampening of rates will continue until 2019, when recipients will be paying 5 percent of their off-base rental expenses out of pocket.
  • Rates will fall in 82 housing areas, or 27 percent of the total.  A rate protection provision, however, won’t allow BAH payments to fall for members already assigned to an area unless their pay grade is lowered or their dependency status changed.
  • Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) rates will not change ‪Jan. 1 because food prices were flat the past year. Monthly food allowances for officers will remain at $253.63 per month.

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