FY16 Navy Medicine Professional Development Center Training Calendar Released

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Here is the FY16 Navy Medicine Professional Development Center course calendar.  The most popular course for physicians on this list is the Advanced Medical Department Officer Course (AMDOC), which is great not only because it is a service school and therefore buffs your Officer Summary Record (OSR) for promotion boards, but because it teaches you a ton of useful information.  (Disclaimer: I’m teaching at AMDOC this Tuesday.)  The Tricare Financial Management Executive Program is another worthwhile course for senior-ish officers.  It is a 3 day peek into the world of how Navy Medicine and Tricare are financed and I learned a lot of things when I attended it.

NMPDC Course Offerings for FY16

The POC for any questions about these courses is found in Appendix VI of my promotion prep document, updated yesterday and found in the tab at the top of this page and here:

Joel Schofer’s Promo Prep Guidance – 30 JUL 2015



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