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One Navy Medicine Shipmates,

Last week Navy Medicine said farewell to Admiral Gillingham after 40 years of impeccable selfless service and more than three and a half years as the Navy’s 39th Surgeon General. Thank you to all those who tuned in to watch the retirement ceremony via Facebook Live and all those who helped ensure a great send-off.

As he enjoys his well-earned terminal leave, the engines of Navy Medicine continue to move forward here at Headquarters and across the enterprise. Late last week, we released our first Fragmentary Order (FRAGO) to the FY23 Navy Medicine Campaign Order. This FRAGO is a result of continuous assessment in the organizational design process to adjust, modify, and add tasks in the annual Campaign Order as part of our five-year Campaign Plan to meet our Force Development, Force Generation, and Force Preservation objectives in support of Distributed Maritime Operations, Littoral Operations in Contested Environments, and Expeditionary Advance Basing Options providing critical capabilities to the Navy and Marine Corps.

The Campaign Order and FRAGO direct us to be prepared to conduct sustained medical support in high intensity combat operations in a peer warfighting scenario. Executing the important actions in these orders will ensure that our medical warfighters have the right people, with the right skills, training, and equipment, to preserve the force and save lives on the battlefield. Please click on the CAC-enabled link below to read these orders and understand the actions we’re taking across One Navy Medicine to deliver manned, trained, equipped, maintained, sustained, and certified medical units that provide enduring support to the Fleet, Marine Corps, and Joint Forces.

At the Echelon four and five NMRTC/Us you all maintain warfighter readiness daily through the assurance that our operational forces are prepared to fight now!! Performing that mission from DHA’s platforms that are otherwise known as MTFs, is just as critical to supporting the National Defense Strategy as deploying as part of the medical department on an SSN, CVN, DDG, MEU, ERSS, ERCS, or EMF. Thank you to all of you, no matter where you serve in the organization, for all you do every day to support our Sailors, Marines, and their families. I’m truly appreciative of your continued dedication and drive, and I am humbled to be a part of One Navy Medicine. Keep up the incredible work!

Navy Medicine FY23 Campaign Order and FRAGO (CAC-enabled website):


RDML Darin Via, MC, USN

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