Seeking HPSP Interviewers and Board Members

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The MC Chiefs Office is soliciting officers to serve as either HPSP interviewers or HPSP board members. These officers play a vital role in shaping the future of the Navy Medical Corps. Ideal candidates are O4 and above with board certification and operational experience, although all applicants will be considered. The Corps Chief’s office will provide training for all selected interviewers and board members. Applicants may only participate as interviewers or board members. The length of commitment is at least one year.

  • Navy Recruiting Command contacts identified Medical Corps members directly for rolling interviews.
  • HPSP Boards occur monthly, and a subset of board members will participate in each board. Please plan to participate in at least two boards each year.

Interested officers should submit their CV and Bio to CDR Robyn Treadwell by April 25, 2023. Please identify whether you want to be an interviewer or a board member.

4 thoughts on “Seeking HPSP Interviewers and Board Members

    McMahon, Robert William CAPT USN COMNAVRESFORCOM VA (USA) said:
    March 31, 2023 at 09:56

    CAPT Schofer,

    Are reserve MC officers appropriate to participate in the HPSP interview and board process? Many of us were HPSP participants and have both active and reserve experience.

    Also, what is the contact information for CDR Robyn Treadwell?

    Hope things are going well for you. It was a tough Superbowl though.



    Robert (Rob) McMahon, MD, FAAN


    CMO NR NMRTC Portsmouth

    Assistant Manager Medical Corps CDB Program

    Reserve Neurology Specialty Leader

    Mobile – 540.448.0120

    “Leadership is not a license to do less; it’s a responsibility to do more. Leadership takes work, time and energy. The effects are not always easily measured and they are not always immediate. Leadership is always a commitment to human beings.”

    -Simon Sinek


    Susan Letterle said:
    March 31, 2023 at 16:07

    HEY Joel,

    Hope you are doing well. Still don’t know how you get it all done and of course a wealth of info. Do you have an email for CDR Treadwell. My Flankspeed is not working currently and not sure when it will be up and running again so I can’t look her up.

    Thanks! Susan


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