NMFDC Newsletter – August 2022

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On behalf of the Naval Medical Force Development Center (NMFDC), please see the attached August 2022 NMFDC Newsletter.

This month’s newsletter:

*       Features information on the Maritime Headquarters (MHQ) and Maritime Operations Centers (MOC) being stood up by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), Naval Medical Forces Atlantic, and Naval Medical Forces Pacific
*       Highlights a video presentation by RADM Bruce L. Gillingham (U.S. Navy Surgeon General and Chief of BUMED) about Navy Leadership’s implementation of the Distributed Maritime Operations Concept and the associated strategic organizational and platform changes (e.g., MHQ and MOC) within Navy Medicine
*       Presents the NMFDC “Graphic of the Month” on the tools created to track and enhance readiness proficiency
*       Spotlights key takeaways from the recent “Technological Solutions to Track Joint Readiness Proficiency” panel at the 2022 Defense Health Information Symposium
*       Shares an article about Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s participation in the American College of Surgeon’s Quality Verification Program

Please feel free to share this newsletter with other relevant Navy Medicine stakeholders and those interested in the NMFDC’s efforts.

Very Respectfully,

The Naval Medical Force Development Center

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