MHS 2022 Federal Mil/Civ Nursing Leadership Excellence Award

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This award honors Federal Civilian and Military Registered Nurses employed within the Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency (DHA), Army, Navy, and Air Force who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and exceptional compassion and commitment to patients, colleagues, and the profession of nursing, resulting in noteworthy clinical or administrative accomplishments and contributing to the improved image and practice of nursing within the Military Health System (MHS).

Eligibility:  See attachments for details on award criteria and submissions:

1.       MHS Federal Civilian Nursing Leadership Excellence Award

2.       MHS Federal Military Nursing Leadership Excellence Award


1.       Package documents must be submitted in one consolidated PDF format with the following naming convention: Lastname_Firstname_Award Category_MHS 2022

2.       For Correspondence related to this award, please annotate in the subject line: MHS Nursing Leadership Excellence Award

3.       Contact service POC for any questions

Email Navy nominations and questions to CAPT Julie Darling (contact in the global)

For other services, nominations will be submitted to the service POC.

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