Faculty Development Outreach and Certification for the Uniformed Services (FOCUS) 2020 Call for Nominations

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Background: The Office of Academic Affairs under the Associate Dean for Faculty Development developed a program, FOCUS (Faculty Development Outreach and Certification for the Uniformed Services), in 2017 to aid individual Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) have a more flexible local program that is standardized across the MHS. Since that time 2 groups of faculty have been trained to be “faculty developers.” These faculty have given over 250 workshops in two years for 13 standardized workshops.

Selection Process: Nominations for FOCUS faculty can be submitted from the MTF designated institutional official (DIO), residency program director, OR the department chair at the USU. These must consist of:

  1. The nominee’s current CV
  2. A letter (no more than 1 page) from the nominee outlining the a) faculty member’s interest in being a FOCUS faculty, and b) personal goals participating in the program would help accomplish.
  3. A letter (no more than 1 page) from the person nominating the faculty discussing examples of the nominee a) working within a team, and b) character regarding self-assessment and respect of others.

Selections will be made by a committee consisting of the USU faculty development team (Associate and Assistant Deans for Faculty Development and administrators on the faculty development team) and 3-4 current FOCUS faculty.

Proposal: Up to 10 faculty representing multiple specialties and MTFs will be selected. The goal is a diverse group of people in the community. Faculty should have been core faculty (not fellows teaching residents) for a minimum of two years. Due to the training requirements outlined below, it is helpful if the faculty will be in uniform at least until Summer 2023.

Training includes (and everything is mandatory):

  1. 1 week in-person session 7-11 Dec 2020 at USUHS. Most people will arrive Sunday and leave the following Saturday morning. The exact schedule is not set.
  2. 1 required travel with the USU team the Spring of 2021 to a different location to practice workshops
  3. Required videotaping for peer feedback, and deliver peer feedback to others
  4. Have read, understand and agree to the “Expectations of FOCUS Faculty”
  5. Faculty members will be eligible to perform local faculty development workshops after the Spring travel is complete (can start in May 2021)
  6. Willing to have annual feedback from USU faculty using data from evaluations collected over each fiscal year.
  7. 100% travel funding will be covered by USUHS Faculty Development

Applications: Application packages are to be emailed Tom McFate (contact info in this document) by 15 May 2020. Decisions will be communicated to nominees by 15 June 2020.

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