Save the Date – Medical Corps Ball (San Diego, 7 MAR) and Symposium (Portsmouth VA, 3 APR)

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This fiscal year we are going to move the Medical Corps Ball out of the DC area. It is tentatively scheduled to be held in San Diego on 7 MAR 2020. Further details are being finalized and will be disseminated once they are firmed up.

We are also going to join our MSC colleagues and start a one day Medical Corps Symposium, currently scheduled to occur at NMC Portsmouth on 3 APR 2020. There will be CME available to attendees, and this is a chance to get up to speed on Medical Corps issues such as graduate medical education (GME), professional development, and where we’re headed as an enterprise and a Corps. Here is a save the date graphic they created:

Medical Corps Symposium Save the Date

There is no central funding for either of these events, so you have to find your way there if you are not local. Because of this, the plan is to rotate these to various sites every year.

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