Throwback Thursday Classic Post – FY20 CAPT Board Statistics and Basic Promotion Board Math

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The FY20 Staff Corps O6 promotion board basic statistics are here. Let’s go over the basic stats for Medical Corps so that everyone understands them as they can be very confusing.

According to page 2 of the convening order, the promotion opportunity was 81%. The number of people in zone was 96.  In order to find the total number of officers they could select for promotion, you take the promotion opportunity x the size of the zone:

(81% promotion opportunity) x (96 officer zone size) = 78 officers could be selected for promotion

As you see in the stats, they selected exactly 78:

  • Above Zone – selected 24 of 134 or 18%
  • In Zone – selected 49 of 96 or 51%
  • Below Zone – selected 5 of 162 or 3%

As you can see, even though the promotion opportunity was 81%, the chance you got selected in zone was only 51% because selects came from above and below zone.

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