Retirement and Separation/Resignation Requests Now Requested in NSIPS

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I announced this change back in November, but it has officially gone live. Anyone with access to NSIPS is required to use it for retirement and resignation requests effective 1 January, 2018.

The new system allows members to initiate retirement and separation requests electronically via NSIPS self ­service, route them through their chain of command for review and recommendation, and then electronically route the request to Navy Personnel Command (NPC) for a decision. This improvement provides transparency for service members as to the status of their request, provides an integrated waiver process when needed, and provides an electronic notification of the final disposition of the request for both the member and the command.

Also of note, statutory retirement notifications are now being generated through NSIPS to eliminate printing and distributing business letters via the postal service. A statutory retirement occurs when a LCDR hits 20 years of commissioned service (not counting enlisted time), a CDR 28 years, and a CAPT 30 years.


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