Summer PCS Orders Release Update

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Here is a summary of some issues that have arisen at Navy Personnel Command (PERS) for people awaiting their permanent change of station (PCS) orders:

  • Last week PERS became aware of severe financial constraints slowing the normal rate of order release.
  • As a result they have assigned a priority to all unreleased orders.  Operational and OCONUS commands, as well as Global Support Assignments (GSA), are given priority.
  • Orders will continue to be released, albeit at a slower rate and in a prioritized order.
  • As this new process goes forward, we will get an idea of how quickly orders will start being released.  In other words, PERS cannot give ETAs yet.
  • There are no plans to remove funding from orders that are already released.

As a former Detailer, I can tell you that this kind of thing is frustrating for both the officers moving and the Detailers, so please…be nice to your Detailer!

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