Basic Readiness Officer Course (BROC) Temporary Removal

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BLUF: BROC has been temporarily taken offline to correct a series of issues stemming from enterprise-wide IT updates.  Following the updates,  BROC was no longer acknowledging course completion and certificate generation.  The root causes have been identified and updates are underway.  The tentative go-live for each module is as follows:

Modules 1 & 2: on or about 1 April

Modules 3 & 4: on or about 30 April

Unfortunately, if a student was enrolled and incomplete prior to issue identification and off lining, they will need to re-enroll and complete the module(s) once the course is re-released.  If the student previously completed the module(s) successfully (either former BMDOC or now BROC), there is no need to repeat the module(s).

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