Consolidated Special Pay Profile – Junior Board Certified Attending

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Let’s assume this pay is for a junior Emergency Medicine (EM) attending at NMC San Diego who had no prior service, did a 2 year GMO tour, 4 years of residency that ended in July 2017, has been an attending for 2 years, is now board certified, and has dependents. This is what that board certified attending should see on their LES:

BASE PAY ­- $6,446.40 (O4 over 8 pay grade from the 2017 Basic Pay Table)

BAS -­ $253.63 (all officers get the same rate)

BAH -­ $3,339.00 (O4 with dependents rate in zip code 92134 based on this calculator)

SAVE PAY ­-$4583.33 (IP only 1­ year rate of $49K for EM from Table 2 of the Final Navy FY17 Pay Plan PLUS $6K/year of Board Certification Pay = $55K/year paid monthly)

TOTAL – $14,622.36/month

ANNUAL TOTAL – $175,468.32

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