SG’s Message – Remember! Celebrate! Act! “A Day On…. Not A Day Off”

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On Monday, our Nation will pause in remembrance and celebration of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr – an influential American civil rights activist, leader, strategist, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.  Throughout his life, Dr. King worked to bend the universe’s moral arc toward justice and unity.  He called upon all of us to do the necessary work to deliver on our country’s promise of providing equality, peace, and liberty for all.  

Central to this idea – and a cornerstone to One Navy Medicine’s Culture of Excellence – are the tenets of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  As an organization that values the principles of high reliability, we endeavor to foster inclusion and connectedness – and to do the right thing, especially when it is hard.   We collectively strive to create and maintain environments where ALL members are treated with dignity and respect.  We take this action not only because it is the right thing to do – it makes us a stronger and more effective team that wins.

While delivering a speech in Montgomery, AL, Dr. King asked his audience one basic question:

“What are you doing for others?”

I encourage each of you to draw inspiration from Dr. King’s inquiry and to recreate his belief through selfless, responsible, safe, and appropriate community service. Doing for others doesn’t have to be dramatic, earth-shattering or grandiose – it just needs to be an honest manifestation of what you can earnestly afford to give of yourself coupled with seeing the good in others.  So whether you plan to give blood to help address the nationwide shortage; tutor a young person; mentor a colleague; assist those who are food insecure; clean up a public space; volunteer at a shelter; or merely engage in a meaningful discussion to cultivate deeper understanding of a co-worker, what you do makes a difference! 

Nelson Mandela once said:  “There is no greater gift then that of giving one’s time and energy to help another without expecting anything in return.”  Making time to volunteer or give back on this day of service and beyond is a great way to honor the legacy of Dr. King’s dream.

Navy Medicine is comprised of Sailors and civilians who provide expertise, know-how, and perspective shaped by personal journeys. We are a team of individuals who represent many different cultures, ethnicities, and experiences – all united in a common goal of supporting the enduring operational mission.  Together One Navy Medicine is strong in providing medical power for naval superiority, but through the application of the principles championed by Dr. King, we can stand united in arms to combat a bigger enemy that adversely affects the health of individuals and communities – Injustice.

More information about Dr. King’s life and possible volunteer opportunities is available at:

With my continued respect and admiration,

SG Sends

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