International Career Advancement Program – LCDR(s)/LCDR

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Here’s an e-mail announcement for a program I had never heard of:

  1. This email solicits applications for the 2020 International Career Advancement Program (ICAP) Fellowship. ICAP is a professional development and networking opportunity for mid-career professionals who support the “One Navy Team” and Navy’s Inclusion and Diversity strategy. The 2020 ICAP Fellowship consists of an optional (not funded by N1) introductory session in Washington, DC (12 Sep 2020) followed by a required week in Aspen, CO (19 Sep – 27 Sep 2020). Registration fee (covers lodging, meals and transportation) and air travel for the ICAP Fellowship will be funded by OPNAV N1. More information regarding the ICAP program can be found at
  2. Application. All applications require Command endorsement to be considered. Specific application requirements are listed in the application package. Application package must be completed and returned to N17 NLT 15 May 2020. Email completed application package to Timothy dot Waters at Navy dot mil.
  3. Applicants. This is a highly competitive program open to all Navy personnel, military and civilian, according to the paygrades listed below. Specific application requirements can be found in the document “ICAP Requirements and Checklist – 2020”.
    1. Military Applicants. Participation is open to all O-4(Sel) to O-4 and E-7 to E-8 Active Duty and Reserve.
    2. Civilian Applicants. Participation is open to civilian employees in the permanent grades of GS-12 to GS-14
  1. Point of Contact. Timothy dot Waters at Navy dot mil.

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