USU School of Medicine Visiting Professorship Program

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Background: The Office of Academic Affairs and the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs would like to provide a platform by which faculty who aspire to learn more about careers and opportunities in academic medicine may do so by bringing their academic expertise (scholarship in teaching, discovery, or integration) to the forefront through deliberate interactions with colleagues at the Uniformed Services University.  The program is open to School of Medicine (SoM) military national faculty.

Selection process: Nominations for visiting professorships can be submitted from the MTF designated institutional official (DIO), residency program director, OR the department chair at the USU.

These must consist of :

  1. the nominee’s current CV
  2. a letter written by the nominee (no longer than 1 page outlining the a) faculty member’s interest in progressing as academic faculty, b) potential areas the faculty member would like to enhance while at the university, and c) potential future career plans enabling the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs to continue engagement after the University visit.
  3. a short letter or email from the nominator describing how the faculty member’s visit would benefit the member and the organization

Selections will be made by the Associate and Assistant Deans within the Office of Academic Affairs.

Proposal: Each year there will be up to 10 visiting professors selected.  The “visiting professorship” will be 1-2 days in length depending on the travel and availability for the faculty member. The professorship will be fully funded by the Associate Dean for Faculty Development.  Activities are intended to expand the faculty member’s understanding of the breadth of academic life, make connections with senior members of USU and to enhance identity formation. This activity is open to all health professional who have an active (and current) USU SOM appointment for 2 years.  This program is open to all academic ranks Assistant Professor or higher, with or without prefixes.

Visiting professorships may include:

  1. Delivery of a formal seminar, workshop or lecture in their area of expertise to USU and/or WRNMMC Faculty
  2. Specific meetings with the Department Chair (of the department in which the faculty member is appointed), for mentorship and specialty specific academic planning
  3. Attendance at SOM or University level meetings
  4. Attendance at medical student assessments or department education meetings (unless the faculty member already attends secondary to position)
  5. Meet with CAPSTONE Director to discuss opportunities for scholarly projects at the local hospital with medical student involvement.
  6. Other potential activities could include: meeting with a research team or receiving research guidance, peer observation of teaching, consultation for other academic endeavors (ex: curriculum development, statistics, interacting with student specialty groups)

Applications:  Application packages are to be emailed Tom McFate (contact info in this document) by 15 May 2020.  Decisions will be communicated to nominees by 15 June 2020.  Visiting professorships will commence during FY21.

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