Hotfill in Norfolk – Combined Task Force-80 Surgeon – O5/O6

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This is a great opportunity for a CDR or CAPT to serve in a high visibility role as the CTF-80 Surgeon in Norfolk, VA.

Packages (Bio, CV, LOI) should be sent to your Detailer by Friday, May 10th.

The duties and responsibilities are below:

CTF-80 Surgeon

  • Advisor to Fleet Surgeon and Fleet Deputy Surgeon on Global Medical Force Management for fleet operational forces in the US FLT FORCES area of
  • Serve as the medical service component representative for USFFC performing all tasks as required, including coordination, staffing, and implementation of operational health service support and programs.
  • Assume duties and responsibilities of Fleet Surgeon during Fleet Surgeon and Deputy Fleet Surgeon absence.
  • Identify, analyze, and develop mitigating strategies for manning requirement shortfalls in support of crisis and contingency operations.
  • Review policy doctrine, guidance, and emerging medical intelligence in support of current and future operations.
  • Accompany or represent the Fleet Surgeon on matters dealing with Health Services.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Fleet Surgeon or Deputy Fleet Surgeon.
  • Maintain clinical skills.
  • Represent the Fleet Surgeon as the Health Service Support subject matter expert on exercises, operations, & certifications.
  • Serve as N01H representative member of the Maritime Planning Group in support of deliberate and crisis action planning for the Maritime Operations Center.
  • Act as medical officer (surgeon’s cell) representative on boards bureaus and cells for Maritime Operations Center (MOC), ensuring adequate Health Service Support (HSS) for future contingencies is communicated to the chain of command.
  • As the Director of the NAVNORTH, JFMCC-N Surgeon Cell, prepare and manage HSS aspects of Homeland Defense and Disaster Preparedness Planning and Operations.
  • Direct, plan, and coordinate Navy medical department participation in US Fleet Forces sponsored exercises and certifications, including modeling and simulation.
  • Serve as the US Fleet Forces subject matter expert on patient movement, including membership on the Joint Trauma System & BUMED En Route Care committees & as representative to the Global Patient Movement Joint Advisory Board
  • Direct, plan, and coordinate the duties of the CTF-80 staff to include: a reserve deputy surgeon, three active duty and one reserve POMI personnel, an Independent Duty Corpsman, Fleet Environmental Health Officer, & Fleet Health Logistician.
  • Coordinate and synchronize efforts to represent Fleet Health Services.
  • Prepare and review Reports on the Fitness of Officers & Enlisted
  • Standard Indirect Support: Provide supervision and administration; maintain supply account and obtain expendable/non-expendable supplies; perform equipment maintenance; attend and conduct meetings; perform local and TAD travel; conduct and receive training; and perform clean-up.

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