Physical Readiness Program Policy Changes

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Those who like reading NAVADMINs (like me) can read it here. Those who don’t (the rest of you) can read a Navy Times article about the changes here. My quick summary of relevant bullet points for readers of this blog is:

  • All commands will discontinue processing members for separation as a result of Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) failures.
  • Officers with approved separation orders for PFA failure with a directed separation date prior to 1 March 2018 can request their separation orders be cancelled in order to remain in the Navy by contacting PERS-834, subject to Secretary of Navy (SECNAV) approval.
  • MILPERSMAN 1910-170, Separation by Reason of PFA Failure, is cancelled.
  • The following applies to all officers who:
    • Fail one PFA will:
      • Not be eligible for promotion. Commands are required to delay promotion and inform PERS-833. Members will regain eligibility for promotion by passing the next command-directed monthly FEP mock PFA.
      • Be issued a Letter of Notification to inform them of the PFA failure.
      • Be enrolled in the FEP until passing the next official PFA.
    • Fail two or more consecutive PFAs will be submitted to PERS-834 for administrative separation processing under reference (e).
      • If SECNAV determines the officer is to be separated (or retired), this action will occur at the PRD of the officer or upon the determination of SECNAV, whichever is later.
      • If an officer passes an official PFA prior to the decision of SECNAV on retention or separation, processing will cease and the member will be retained upon notification to PERS-834. A special fitness Report may be submitted to document the officers satisfactory physical readiness status
        under reference (c).
      • Additionally, officers who fail two or more consecutive PFAs will receive an adverse report that states Significant Problems on their fitness report under reference (c).
  • Additional information that applies to all members:
    • Effective 1 January 2018 all PFA failures will reset to zero only for enlisted reenlistment policy and officer administrative separation policy as outlined in paragraphs 3.a and 4. No other records will be changed such as PRIMS, Fitness Reports or Evaluations.
    • All members must have a Body Composition Assessment (BCA) completed within five work days of reporting to a new command. This BCA spot-check will not count as the official BCA for newly reported members during the command PFA cycle, regardless of the status of the official command PFA cycle. Members exceeding Age Adjusted Body Fat Standards (AAS) during spot-checks must be enrolled into Command FEP.
    • FEP enrollment and disenrollment determination: Upon either a BCA spot-check failure or PFA failure, members must participate in FEP until they pass an official PFA and are within AAS.
    • All members who have regained promotion/advancement eligibility are reminded of their ability to communicate in writing to promotion and selection boards as outlined in MILPERSMAN 1420-010 of reference (b) and reference (d).
  • Anyone with questions about these policies is referred to Physical Readiness Program, Mr. Bill Moore at
    (901) 874-2210 or PRIMS < at > For all other personnel related policies: NAVPERSCOM at 1-866-827-5672 (U-ASK-NPC).

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