BUMED Admin & Recruiting Fellow Position Available

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Here is the position description.  If you’re interested contact your Detailer or Specialty Leader.



The Navy Medical Corps Chief’s Office (M00C1) provides oversight and guidance to Navy physicians currently serving in the Active and Reserve Component, to include practice and performance, manpower, direct healthcare support for the Navy Medicine Enterprise and operating forces, graduate medical education (GME) training, and medical student and physician recruitment. The Navy Medical Corps Chief’s Office ensures continuous alignment with Navy Medicine strategic goals.  The Medical Corps Administrative and Recruiting Fellow serves as the direct interface between the Navy Medical Corps community and the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), Navy Recruiting Command, and other entities external to Navy Medicine by providing direction and professional advice on recruiting health care professionals for the Department of the Navy. The Corps Chiefs Office is located at Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, 7700 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, VA 22042.


The Administrative and Recruiting Fellow shall:

– Direct, coordinate and act as a subject matter expert on all matters regarding the Health Professional Scholarship Program (HPSP) selection process, including granting of age or Grade Point Average (GPA) waivers for students applying for HPSP.

-Plan, design, develop, evaluate and regularly update the HPSP Candidate Selection Process Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

-Serve as the HPSP Board President at regularly scheduled HPSP Board Meetings.

-Serve as the senior facilitator for HPSP Board Member training on access to HPSP candidate application packets as well as the review, scoring and selection of candidates for Navy Medicine.

-Develop and maintain a listing of all Navy Physician volunteers to conduct HPSP candidate interviews.

-Liaison with Navy Recruiters and provide support and/or Navy Medicine physician volunteers at local college events and pre-med health fairs.

-Plan, develop and coordinate with field recruiters about HPSP, the HPSP selection process, medical school admissions process and the Graduate Medical Education (GME) admissions process in conjunction with Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit.

-Direct and provide consultation for Navy Medical Corps outreach and establish meetings as needed in conjunction with the Navy Medicine Diversity Office and/or other federal entities to discuss Navy Medicine opportunities with local colleges (to include, but not limited to, pre-medical societies, health fairs, career fairs and counseling fairs).

-Collaborate with field recruiters and Navy physicians to increase networking capabilities and extend the reach and advertising of Navy Medicine within the United States.

-Provide clear and concise advisory and ad hoc support to internal and external customers, including, but not limited to: Corps Chiefs, Specialty Leaders and Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS); higher authority inquiries; tri-service and Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs).

-Provide consultation for code action officers in meeting both the mission and goals of the Surgeon General and the Corps Chief’s Office.

-Actively participates as a subject matter expert in Medical Corps risk management case review panels.

-Actively participate in Navy Medical Corps Professional Review Boards.

-Direct, coordinate and process Navy Medical Corps Conference Travel Requests via the BUMED Conference Approval Process.

-Serve as a subject matter expert to Medical Corps Specialty Leaders and quota managers on all aspects of the BUMED Conference Approval Process.

-Support the Medical Corps Chief’s Office in all activities related to the complex and diverse mission of this office.


-Experience with recruitment, retention, and public speaking.

-Networking skills, written and oral communication skills.

-Experience in formulating and implementing organizational change.

-Knowledge of Navy Medicine policies, procedures, and instructions.

-Familiarity with higher level/adult education techniques.

-Familiarity with Microsoft Office products, MilSuite, Enterprise Knowledge Management (eKM), Defense Travel System (DTS); and use of common office equipment.

-Possess clinical expertise.


The Administrative and Recruiting Fellow is directly responsible to and reports to the Deputy Chief of the Medical Corps, BUMED.  The Recruiting and Administrative Fellow has no direct supervisory responsibilities.


The incumbent will be guided in the performance of duties by instructions, policies and procedures of the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.  Other guidelines may include: (1) DOD and OPNAV Instructions; (2) The Joint Commission Standards; (3) pertinent state and federal laws; (4) TRICARE and (5) OPNAVINST 1520.39.


The selection process for the HPSP Scholarship is complex and requires a Board President that is aware of how to access and critically appraise applications and select appropriate candidates.

The Medical Corps Chiefs Office is a very dynamic and high-tempo administrative environment.  The incumbent needs to be able to adjust to a wide array of tasks, concepts and duties in support of the Corps Chiefs Office.  This work environment requires a unique, adaptable individual with a variety of administrative and personal skills as well as the ability to forge strong intra and interdepartmental relationships.


As an assignment in the largest and most complex officer Corps in Navy Medicine, the scope of this position is both organizationally global and tactical to the level of the individual officer.  The effect of this position is far reaching in terms of the sustainment, changing nature, and future growth of the Navy Physician community, as well as the success full career development of individual navy Medical Corps officers.

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